Innisfail Public Library

2D Art+

Sep 5, 2018 to Dec 5, 2018  |  Every 1st Wednesday, 4:30 - 5:30 pm


2D Art Plus is monthly art program designed to explore different paper-based art mediums while peeking into the lives of artists and their eras.

This is a program to learn, experiment, and just have some fun! We will also delve into things such as the elements and principles of art to help you advance your skills. Each month is a new project!
Ages 8 & up.

  • September – Graffiti… with Sharpies not spray paint! Come and make your own unique “tag” with your name or word.
  • October – Op Art/Escher… this is a 2D art session but using contour lines and shading you will create 3D abstract optical (op) illusions.
  • November 7 – Geometrics/Kandinsky… Learn the various aspects of color, while playing with circular shapes.
  • December – Pop Art/Warhol... using technology for our Warhol inspired series prints, we are going to give some Christmas Trees a new look.